Scholarship Resource Guide - MALDEF

  • MALDEF has developed an extensive list of scholarships for support in the 2017/2018 academic year, including many that do not inquire about immigration status or require a social security number. The overview of scholarships provided includes website links that you are advised to visit for more complete details as it is not practical to list every requirement of each scholarship.  Please read through, or download, the information here and select scholarships that are applicable to you.  As a general rule, if an application asks for your social security number and you do not have one yet, leave that space blank but fill out and turn in the otherwise completed application. Many scholarship awards can be processed with just the student’s name and address. If a scholarship specifically requests a SSN, ask if it is possible to submit an ITIN instead.  Dishonesty about your legal status or providing a false social security number is a federal offense.  

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