Sports/Gym Injuries

  • Sports/Gym Injuries

    In the unfortunate event your child suffers an injury during a sport or while in gym please review the following protocol to ensure all necessary actions are taken place: 

    All students must report their injury to their gym teacher or coach as soon as it occurs. The injury will be immediately evaluated by myself if during school hours or by the trainer if occured during sports.  All parents will be notified at time of injury.

    If the injury warrants further evaluation from the emergency room or a private MD, go immediately according to severity.  After evaluation please have the physician or practitioner in charge write a note that states what the injury is and what limitations your child may have regarding gym or sports.  ex: Hand injury, see if MD can permit your child to perform lower body exercises in gym.  They can continue to play gym without interruption of class time.

    Please don't allow physician/emergency room to discharge your child without a note.  A verbal instruction of activity by the MD is not legal and will not be acceptable for gym or sports.

    Upon return to school, student should report to my office and bring their note.  It will expedite the information to their teacher or coach and all necessary instruction will be put into place. 

    Thank you so much for cooperation.  The health and safety of your child is of utmost importance.