Code of Conduct

  • Southampton Public Schools Athletic Department

    Student-Athlete Code of Conduct and Training Rules

    As a candidate for participation in the interscholastic athletic program of the Southampton Public School District, it is our hope that you will soon be a member of our outstanding program. It is very important that the student-athlete and the parents/guardians understand, agree to, abide by and reinforce the essential policies in regards to athletic training and behavior rules. These regulations have been established for the benefit of those who participate as players, students, and representatives of our community.

    Participation in athletics demands a commitment that implies sacrifice and dedication to physical fitness and conditioning. Respect for one’s health, physical development, and conduct must be an integral part of daily living. Unfortunately, education and reasoning alone are not always sufficient to deter poor decision-making involving chemicals and behavior. Therefore, in an attempt to fight this battle, the Southampton Athletic Department requires all of its participants to agree to and abide by the following student-athlete code of conduct.


    Drugs (chemical substances) are a health hazard and are having a large negative effect in our society. Significant findings in health research, along with publicity surrounding deaths and arrests of professional, college and high school athletes, have most certainly pointed out the undesirability of using illegal substances (alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, etc.), especially at the teenage level. Our athletic program and staff, as well as the National Federation of State High School Associations, wholeheartedly endorse these findings.

    Any Offense: An offense by any student-athlete who is found in possession of and/or using alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or any other illegal substance, (anytime during the year ** in school or out of school) will be suspended from contests for a minimum of 2 weeks in addition to any out of school suspension received. The student-athlete may still practice with the team during the athletic suspension. A conference will be held between the student-athlete, his/her parents/guardians, the coach, and the Director of Athletics. The student-athlete will have the option to participate in counseling program and may be subject to random drug testing.


    Inappropriate behavior, as defined by the Southampton Public Schools Code of Conduct will apply to athletics in the following manner: A student-athlete who serves an in-school suspension or is sent out of class 2 or more times during the day to the Alternative Learning Center (ALC) will not be able to practice or play that day. The student-athlete will not be able to play, in any games, for one week, after serving the in-school suspension, but will be able to practice with the team. The student-athlete will miss a maximum of two games during the period of in-school suspension and through the ensuing week.

    A student-athlete suspended out of school will miss all practices and games while out of school and will not be able to play in any games for one week (maximum two games) after returning from suspension. The student will be able to practice as soon as he/she returns from the out of school suspension. In addition, any involvement with the police that results in an arrest anytime during the year** in school or out of school will result in a disciplinary review. The review committee will consist of the Athletic Director, Assistant Principal or Dean, and a varsity coach of another sport. The student-athlete who has engaged in conduct which is disorderly, insubordinate, and/or endangers the health, safety, or welfare of himself or others will be subject to suspension from all athletic contests, as determined by the Director of Athletics (in consultation with the coach). The student-athlete will be allowed to practice with the team during that time, if not suspended from school.

    C) HAZING:

    Hazing in any form, including initiation that is degrading, is strictly forbidden by NYS law. No student shall conspire to engage in hazing, participate in hazing, or commit any act that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, personal degradation or disgrace, resulting in physical or mental harm to any fellow student or other person. It is understood that hazing of any kind is not allowed on this campus or in athletics. It is further understood that we have a duty to report any acts of hazing that we see or know of to a coach or administrator and participation in or failure to report any hazing will result in a disciplinary review and possible suspension and dismissal from the athletic program.

    ** The student-athlete code of conduct training and behavior rules are in effect year round and covers twenty-four (24) hours/day, seven (7) days a week. The suspension will be for the sport in which the student participates and may carry to his/her next sport of participation. All appeals are to be made in writing to the building principal. An appeal committee of the Principal and two varsity coaches of a different sport, not part of first decision, will make final decision