Advanced Placement Examination



    The Advanced Placement examination is given in May.  All students are expected to take the examination.

    Date: May 11, 2015

    Cost: The fee for each AP examination is $89.00. For eligible students, a fee reduction is available through the College Board .


     The format of the exam is as follows:

    -    Section I (90 minutes): This part of the examination is divided into Part A and Part B. Part A will consist of 63 multiple choice questions reflecting the knowledge and scientific practices. Part B will consist of 6 grid in questions integrating science and mathematical skills.

    -    Section II (90 minutes): This part of the exam is divided into a 10 minute reading section and an 80 minute writing section. During the 10 minute reading period students are allowed to review and plan their responses. The remaining 80 minutes will be spent answering 2 long free response (essay) questions and 6 short free response questions.


     The Advanced Placement examination is grades on a score of 1 to 5.  The scores reflect the following:

    1-No recommendation

    2-Possibly qualified

    3-Qualified (College B- through C equivalent)

    4-Well qualified (College A- through B equivalent)

    5-Extremely well qualified (College A equivalent)

    For more information on the examination or the course in general please follow the link below: