Principal's Message


    Mr. Timothy C. Frazier   


    To Teach is to Learn – Japanese Proverb

     Message from the Principal:

    The other day I was quickly walking down the hallway in the fifth grade house late for a classroom observation.  I was stopped by a fifth grader who inquired, “Mr. Frazier what’s the hurry?”  She went on to remind me that it was important to be safe in the hallway and then she said something that gave me great pause, she said, “Your feet must have been ahead of your mind.”.  As I enquired further as to what she meant, that magical perspective of a fifth grader came into play, she said, “Sometimes my body and my mind just don’t communicate very good, I bet that just happened to you.”  How many times have I told students, think before you act, and here I was being reminded of just that, in a very non-judgmental, fifth grader way.  Our actions do speak a lot louder than our words, especially for a fifth grader.

    As I look back over the beginning of this school year many meaningful and thoughtful experiences have presented themselves to all of us.  SIS has grown together through many class meetings and a school-wide focus on substantive and reliable dialogues about “how we treat each other”.  We have many more issues and ideas to talk about, but the most important ones have to do with “how we treat each other” with respect and understanding, not sinicism and judgement.  All of us will be better students academically, if we practice what we learn about being civil and kind.

     –Best, Tim