Frost Valley Trip


    For over 12 years, the sixth graders from our Intermediate School have been going to Frost Valley. Frost Valley is located on 6,000 acres in the high peaks of the Catskill Forest Reserve in upstate New York. Frost Valley takes pride in their policy to adopt environmentally responsible practices by conserving energy, water and other natural resources. Their location is at the headwaters of the Neversink River, so anything done at the camp affects more than 9 million people. This clean source of drinking water is part of the New York City watershed, which is completely unfiltered. Frost Valley’s two long-term monitoring stations track pollutants in precipitation, rain gages, and weather stations. This environmental science coincides with our Earth Science Program in the middle school and high school.

    The Frost Valley YMCA Program allows students to explore and sharpen their communication skills through outdoor adventures and team building activities. Students are apart of a meal group, activity group and lodge group while at Frost Valley. This type of team building plays a major role in developing cohesion among children. Students take part in large and small group adventures, problem-solving challenges and trust building activities. Students have the opportunity to come to know themselves and their peers in a new way. This team building is ideal for building confidence, encouraging positive behaviors and growing young leaders.

    Challenge courses include over two dozen high and low elements. Experienced facilitators guide participants through challenges that include developing personal climbing skills, working with a partner on paired activities, pulling together to give peers a thrill, and having a good time. Participants are encouraged to push their limits, but the final decision is always left with the individual. Settings range from zipping off the big ‘Y’ tower to elements tucked away in the trees or near beautiful flowing streams. The depth and range of the activities assures groups will experience the appropriate challenge for their stage of development, meeting their particular goals. These allow for real personal exploration and real growth while creating memories and shared inspiration in a safe and secure wilderness-like setting.

Frost Valley Forms

  • Frost Valley Student Health Form


    Please Note When Fillling Out the Student Health Forms:

    1.  Health History Form - REQUIRES TWO (2) SIGNATURES


          b.  Student Waiver

    2.   Medication Permission Form - MUST BE SIGNED BY PHYSICIAN

          a.  Prescriptions / Inhalers

          b.  Over the Counter (Tylenol / Advil)

    **If your child takes medication / inhaler at school, your child's medication will be brought on the trip by our school nurse.**


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