Science-5 Course Description & Enrichment

  • Southampton Intermediate School

    Grade 5 – Science

     Amy Lester


              The fifth grade science program provides all students with an opportunity for success by allowing students to make natural connections between the world they know and the science they are discovering.  Students will develop their thought processes, their problem solving abilities and investigative skills as they engage in learning activities to enhance and support curriculum topics. 


    The following topics comprise the 5th grade science curriculum:

    * Introduction to the Sciences

                  > Why is Science Important?


    * Literacy in Science

                  > Scientific Terminology ~ Prefixes & Suffixes

      > Non-Fiction Science Book Reading


    * Scientific Problem Solving ~ Experimental Design                                                                                      > The Five Steps of the Scientific Method


    * Science of the Mind ~ Psychology

                   > The Multiple Intelligences: How are you smart?

    * Health & Wellness

                  > Avoiding Environmental Toxins - Safe Alternatives

    * Scientific Data Analysis

                   > Graphing Skill Work


    * Scientific Measurement

                   > The Metric System ~ Units & Tools of Measure


    * Processes That Change the Earth

                   > Atmospheric Conditions of Weather & Climate ~ The Water Cycle

    * Systems and Interactions in Nature

                   > Land Biomes & Water Ecosystems


    * The Solar System and Beyond

                   > Earth, Moon, and Beyond

                   > Exploring the Solar System


    * Processes of Living Things

                   > The Microscope

                   > From Single Cells to Body Systems

    * Current Events - Science News


              The overall goal is to motivate and encourage students to look forward to continuing their studies in science as they progress through their intermediate school years and beyond. Open communication between home and school is welcome. 



    Curriculum Enrichment – Grade 5 - Science




    * Computer Project ~ Software Program: Inspiration (graphic organizer)

    * Science Website Research


    Field Study:


    * Biodiversity of Local Marine Ecosystems – Dune Beach in Southampton

                ~ In Cooperation with the Group for the East End Educators ~

    * Atlantis Marine World - Riverhead


    Experimental Design Project:


    * Testing a Hypothesis




    * Daily Weather, Sunrise, Sunset & Moon Phases

    * Current Events in Science


    Curriculum Learning Supports:


    * Textbook:  Red Harcourt Science

    * Text-on-Tape: Audio

    * Topic Related Books

    * Science World Magazine

    * Laser Disc

    * Video

    * Science Research Websites

    * Hands-On Activities


    Student Organization:


    * Master Notebook

    * In-Class Working Folder

    * In-Class Collecting Folder




    * Assignments & Grades Posted on Computer - Power School

    * 5-Week Progress Reports

    * 10-Week Report Cards

                * 50 % = Class Work / Homework as well as

                                      Cooperative Participation & Preparedness

                * 50 % = Assessments: Tests / Quizzes