My Resources - Curriculum Enrichment

  • Literacy:

    A. Non-Fiction Science Book Reading

    B. Scientific Terminology - Suffixes, Prefixes, Roots


    A. Computer Project--Electronic Portfolio--Software Program: Inspiration--graphic organizer

    B. Science Website Research/Usage

    Field Study:

    A. Biodiversity of Local Marine Ecosystems: Ocean & Estuary / Dune Road, Southampton

    *In Cooperation with Group for the South Fork Educators*

    B. Atlantis Marine World--Riverhead


    A. Daily Weather, Sunrise, Sunset & Moon Phase

    B. Current Events in Science

    Building Character Education:

    A. Recognition of Student Birthdays

    B. I Show Kindness When I......

    C. Practicing Positive Character Traits

    Lesson Differentiation / Multiple Intelligences / Learning Styles - Integrated Classroom

    Curriculum Learning Supports:

    A. Textbook: Red Harcourt Science

    B. Text-on-Tape

    C. Topic Related Books

    D. Science World Magazine

    E. Laser Disc

    F. Video

    G. Science Websites-Internet

    H. Hands-on Activities