My Theme Song

  • Please open file below and listen to the music as you reflect on who you are and what song lyrics speak to you!

    Please compose a power point or iMovie using the lyrics to the song you chose and insert the music into your presentation.

    The first five slides should be the answers to the five questions below.

    1.If I had to pick a song that would be the “Theme Song” for my life right now it would be ___

    2.This song was written by ___

    3.The reason I picked this song is because__

    4.My favorite lyrics in the song are ____

    5.I know that a good song usually tells a story. Tell me what you think the words in the song are saying and how do they relate to you.

    The next slides 6 to 15 should be the lyrics of the song that you have illustrated.

    All slides need to be illustrated with a picture. Number of slides #15.

    The last part will be to add the music into your presentation across all slides.

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