Grading Policy


    Grading Policy

    The quarter grade is comprised of categories below:

    Class work/Activities/Project/Homework-                                                                                                                                                             The class work category consists of all activities, labs and projects that are done in class.  Students are expected to work cooperatively and diligently on all class work assignments.  These assignments will make up 30% of their grade because it is extremely important that the majority of their learning takes places during these hands-on assignments.

    Quizzes- This category includes quizzes which are 30% of the quater grade. 

    Tests- This category includes tests which are 40% of the quarter grade. Before all tests, students will be given an extensive study guide.

    If a student earns a grade they are not happy with, they will be given the opportunity to work towards a better understanding of the material, which will improve their grade.  No grades will be changed if the student does not display an interest in learning the material.  They must come to extra help!