• Hello everyone!

    Thank you for adapting to the current circumstances.  In the event that we are not in school, we will all do our best to maintain our learning on a regular basis.  Here is some information that might be helpful.  

    1. E-mail is the best way to communicate.  If you're having problems with assignments, please let me know.   My e-mail address is mimccarthy@southamptonschools.net.
    2. Assignments will be posted on a regular basis by the date it was assigned.  Please do your best to keep up with them.  
    3. Most assignments will be through Delta Math or a worksheet posted below.  I won't update the HW or Do Now folder in order to keep things in one place.



  • Thursday, June 18th 

    Hello everyone!  Please complete the survey below.  I would appreciate your honest feedback!

    End of Year Survey

  • Wednesday, June 17th

    Hello all!  Do you ever wonder about the stars and planets? How far apart are they really? Is this what you picture?  

    Earlier this year, we spoke about proportional relationships.  When you click the website below, 1 pixel (that's one tiny dot that makes up an image on the screen you're looking at right now) is equal to approximately 3474 kilometers.  How far is that? About the distance from New York to Las Vegas. The website below uses that scale to put the size of the planets and the distance between them into a form that's usable.  

    The Insanely, Almost Tediously Accurate Scale Model Of The Solar System

    Tuesday, June 16th

    Please continue to work on owed work.  

  • Monday, June 15th

    Hello all! This week, I will be posting videos that I'd like you to watch.  More importantly, this week will be a "catch up" week.  Shortly, PowerSchool will be completely up to date.  If you are missing anything, please find it on my website (here) and submit it through Unified Classroom.  If you have old spirals you'd like to improve, please email me (or Ms. Thompson) and we can extend the due date for you.  

    Cool Math Tricks (by Physics Girl)

  • Friday, June 12th

    Hello all! Please submit your work for Spiral #31. 

    I also have some news... that was your last spiral review for the year!!! 

  • Thursday, June 11th

    Good morning! If you haven't done so already, please check out the videos from earlier in the week.  If you're feeling up to it, please try the assignment in Delta Math.  Spiral #31 is due tomorrow!

  • Wednesday, June 10th

    Hello everyone! I'd like to continue with our discussion on the graphing of linear functions.  As you've learned, one of tne of the most famous formulas in math is y = mx + b ,where m = slope, and b = y-intercept. 

    1.  Please watch one more video on slope-intercept form. Slope-Intercept Form

    2. I posted an assignment in Delta Math for you to see if you really understand how to graph the equation of a line. THIS IS NOT HW! For those that want to know if they are doing it correctly, this is a great tool to do so.  Please watch my video on how I'd do these.  --> MC^2 Graphing

  • Monday, June 8th

    Hello everyone! This week, we will be previewing one of the most important topics as you inch closer to high school mathematics: linear equations!  For today, please complete the following:

    1. Watch this video --> Function Machine Video

  • Friday June 5th

    Please submit your work for Spiral #30! Spiral #31 is available to you as well!

  • Thursday, June 4th

    I apologize for yesterday.  I was experiencing technical difficulties while trying to upload a second video. I'd like us to explore slope a little further-- finding the slope of a line between two points.

    Finding the Slope of a Line Between Two Points

  • Wednesday, June 3rd

    Hello all! I'm in the process of uploading some videos for you... it takes a little bit.  For today's agenda, we have the following:

    1. Slope Review by MC^2

    2.  Second video loading...

  • Tuesday, June 2nd

    Good morning Mathletes! I hope you liked the videos yesterday, especially that SWEEEEEET movie trailer.  To practice our calculations of slope, please try the activity below.  There is no timer so take your time. 

    Slope Kahoot!

    **Also, while you're home and thinking about math (because I know you are!), I wanted you to check out this link to an event that MoMath (The National Museum of Mathematics) is hosting on Thursday called "Ask a Mathematician Anything!"  I think this is so cool! You can sign on with friends and/or family and ask a mathematician anything you want.  Ask A Mathematician @ MoMath


  • Monday, June 1st

    Hello everyone!  First, I want to apologize for not putting the Spiral #30 out on Friday! If you need more time, let me know!  

    For this week, we are going to revisit SLOPE! Just to get back into the swing of things, I'd like to bring back our old friend SLOPE DUDE! 

    Before we do, I thought we could use a bit of an upgrade.  To get us pumped up for slope dude, watch the following in order.

    1.  Slope Dude - The Trailer! (created by MC-Squared)

    2. Slope Dude - The Movie

  • Friday, May 29th

    Hello all!  If you haven't done so yet, please submit your work for Spiral #29.  We are going to put geometry to bed (for now) and I have received some questions about some 8th grade topics.  Some of you are doing ALEKS (yay!) and all of you will be doing 8th grade math soon!  To expand on our work with solving equations, please check out this video on solving equations with variables on both sidesSolving Equations w/ Variables on Both Sides VIDEO

  • Thursday, May 28th

    As we wrap up this unit, I wanted you all to see some more challenging questions.  Below is a worksheet on applications of surface area.  This is not HW, but I really encourage you all to just try! I will post the answers tomorrow.  Spiral due tomorrow!

     Surface Area & Volume Applications

  • Wednesday, May 27th

    Hello all!  Thank you for those that completed the assignment from yesterday.  If you haven't done so, please check it out! I loved the responses-- they were very insightful! I also want to make Mr. Gilley and Mrs. Wetzel proud by saying this:  This is not. An example of. Three sentences. 

    Anywho (who any? Shout out to Mr. Sisco)...  to answer the big ice vs. little ice debate, watch this video -->Big Ice Cube vs. Little Ice Cubes

  • Tuesday, May 26th

    I hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day Weekend!  This week, we will be wrapping up our discussions on surface area and volume

    Please complete the following assignment (due Wednesday). --> SA & Volume Applications

  • Friday, May 22nd

    Good morning all! Please complete the following:

    a. Submit Spiral #28 work into Unified Classroom.

    b. Hand in volume HW from Tuesday.

    c. Volume of 3D Shapes Check-In This is not graded, but a tool to check yourselves and see where you're at with this topic.  Please complete this by Wednesday. CLARIFICATION-- The score you get will not be counted, but I will put a 0 or 100 in the gradebook whether you attempted it or not.

    d. Spiral #29 is available! That's due Friday, May 29th.

    Also, as I've said before, if you are having trouble, please reach out and we can chat.  I am available for zoom by appointment.  

  • Thursday, May 21st

    Hello all, please continue the work from this week.  The HW assignment is located in yesterday's task list.  Spiral #28 is due tomorrow. Also, please check out this video! (I know this guy is a bit cringey, but he's great at explaining what volume is.) VIDEO ON VOLUME

  • Wednesday, May 20th

    Good morning everyone! Did you know that on May 20th, 1932 (88 years ago TODAY), Ameila Earhart landed her plane in Ireland becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. By the way, this came less than 30 years after the first flight by The Wright Brothers in North Carolina! Wild stuff!

    Anyway, on to the math! I've got a video today explaining a few of the HW questions from yesterday. 

    -Volume HW VIDEO   (If that doesn't work, try this link --> HW Video Link)

  • Tuesday, May 19th

    Please submit the HW from Thursday if you haven't already.  Also, please watch those videos!  If you're feeling ready, please attempt this worksheet (due Monday).  We haven't talked about cylinders yet, but I will post a video tomorrow. Try it out!

    -Volume of 3D Shapes HW

  • Friday, May 15th

    Hello everyone!  For today, please do the following:

    1. Turn in Spiral #27 to Unified Classroom

    2. Work on the Surface Area HW (due Tuesday) assigned yesterday.

    3. Work on Spiral #28 (due Friday, May 22nd) 


  • Thursday, May 14th

    Hello everyone! Do you know what today is? Today is the 216th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Shout out to Mrs. Rogge and Mrs. Tenety!

    Now back to the math... I hope you were able to watch those videos on the surface area of a rectangular prism. Today, we are going to talk about the surface area of other shapes! On to the agenda:

    a. Please watch this video on the surface area of a rectangular prism--> VIDEO #1

    b. Please watch this video on the surface area of a triangular prism--> Video #2

    c. Please watch this video on the surface area of a pyramid--> Video #3

    d. When you're done with those, please complete this worksheet for HW.  It is due Tuesday. -->Surface Area HW - Day 1

    e. Spiral #27 is due tomorrow!

    **Tomorrow, I will post Spiral #28, which will be due Friday, May 22. I also will be posting an Escape Room Challenge.  This will be a competition and there will be two winners. Upon completion, you will enter your name and will be timestamped. The winners receive a $10 gift card to Starbucks! Top 10 receive a HW pass! The contest will be posted at noon! **


  • Wednesday, May 13th

    Hello all! For today, please continue our work from yesterday and work on Spiral #27.  There is no HW for this week at this time. 

  • Tuesday, May 12th

    Good morning! I hope you watched the videos yesterday. If not, check those out before you start today. 

    a.  To get started, I want to dive into the calculations of surface area and explore how those numbers are found. Please watch this video to start.-->VIDEO

    b. The website to explore surface area is here. --> WEBSITE

    c. Check out video #2 for surface area of a rectangular prism that is NOT a cube. -->Video #2

    d.  When you're feeling up to it, try these. --> SA - Day 1    (This is not HW)

    e. Spiral #27 due Friday!

  • Monday, May 11th

    Hello everyone! Today we are moving into the world of 3-Dimensional Geometry! To get the ball rolling, please watch these videos below! 

    1. Nets of 3D Shapes (Video #1)

    2.  Nets of 3D Shapes (Video #2)

    Surface Area is the area of all of the faces (flat parts that make up a 3D shape). The best way to calculate surface area is to find the area of its net (when you cut open a 3D shape into its 2D parts). 

    Practice with Nets

  • Friday, May 8

    Please turn in your work for Spiral #26.  Spiral #27 will be available to you shortly.

  • Thursday, May 7th 

    If you've made it here, congratulations! Please bookmark this site ASAP so you can find this faster in the future. Today's agenda:

    1. Watch the video I've made to help you understand how to read a ruler. --> VIDEO (if that isn't working, try this link)

    2. To see how well you're doing, I want you to try this game. --> GAME

    I think having a timer is too stressful, so change the settings to THIS. The smaller you make the setting (red arrow), the more challenging it gets.  Send me your top score!


  • Wednesday, May 6th 

    Good morning everyone! Here's today's agenda:

    a. Zoom class today! Codes will appear next to the arrows.

    Per. 2/3 (12:30 - 12:45) --->ZOOM  Per. 3/4 (12:50 - 1:05) ---> ZOOM

    Per. 7/8 (1:10 - 1:25) ---> ZOOMPer. 8/9 (1:30 - 1:45) ---> ZOOM

    b. Work on Spiral #26.  Please submit any missing work through Unified Classroom. Also, the work from yesterday (Tuesday) was not HW; just practice. 

    c. If you're looking for past due assignments (besides spirals), 

    1.  Area of Composite Shapes --> Due May 5th

    2. Area and Circumference --> Due May 1st

    3. Area of 2D Figures --> Due April 27th

    4. Scale Drawings - Day 2 HW (only #1 - 4) --> Due April 20th

    d. Today, I want to move to something a bit more practical... How to read a ruler. While I gather the materials, how to use a ruler video.

  • Tuesday, May 5th 

    Hello all! Today's agenda:

    a. Please submit the HW from Friday (Area of Composite Shapes) through Unified Classroom. 

    b.  Here is some more practice if you'd like. 

    c. Spiral #26 is due Friday!

    d.  I will be making a zoom schedule for tomorrow.  Stay tuned. 

    May the 4th Be With You (Monday, May 4, 2020)

    a.Hello all! I hope you had a nice weekend! I moved the due date for the composite shapes HW to tomorrow.  If you're stuck, watch my video on #1 above, or watch the Khan Academy video below.  Please submit assignments into Unified Classroom, as well as any older ones that may be missing.  I will post answers tomorrow. 

    b. I'm aware some of you are having trouble with turning it in. Please keep trying or send me a screen shot of what's going wrong so I can try to fix it.  

    c. Area of Composite Shapes (Khan Academy)

    d. The school has redesigned the website, so please bookmark my page if you haven't done so already. 

    e. Spiral #26 is due Friday!


  • Friday, May 1 (It's Finally May!)

    a. If you haven't done so already, please submit your work for Spiral #25. 

    b. Spiral #26 will be available to you shortly. That's due Friday, May 8. 

    c. I hope we are doing well with area of 2D shapes.  We are now going to combine them into irregular shapes! If you think you're ready, try the area of composite shapes worksheet.

    d.Formulas for 2D Shapes

    e. My videos take some time to load, but when it does, you will see the link here --> VIDEO  

    f. If the video above doesn't work, try this link.

    Thursday, April 30th (The last day of April!)

    a.  Please try create an account to sign in with the codes linked above. 

    b. Spiral #25 is due tomorrow! 

    Wednesday, April 29th

    Hi everyone! Since we're talking about circles and pi, check out this video.

    Also, I would like everyone to attempt to create an account for edpuzzle.  

    1.  Follow these instructions. Make sure you use the correct class code below.

    2.  Period 2/3 --> Edpuzzle 2/3  Period 3/4 --> Edpuzzle 3/4  Period 7/8 --> Period 7/8  Period 8/9 -->   Edpuzzle 8/9

    Tuesday, April 28th

    Hello everyone! Here is what we have for today (and some reminders):

    1. Spiral #25 is due Friday.  Please submit the work into Unified Classroom. Minus 15 points for no work!

    2. Please turn in the HW from last week (April 22nd) into UC on Area of 2D Shapes.

    3. For today, we are using Edpuzzle.  You must watch the video and answer the questions when they come up (no skipping). The teacher will show you a question, then ask you to do one just like it. Please don't try to guess.

    -To complete the assignment, just make sure you sign in with your FIRST AND LAST NAME ONLY.

    -For extra credit  you can submit all of the work associated with the questions (due Friday).  The codes for each class are below:

    Period 2/3  Period 3/4  Period 7/8  Period 8/9



  • Monday, April 27th

    Hello all!  Here's on today's agenda:

    1. Please turn in the HW assigned on Wednesday (which is due today) through Unified Classroom.  It's 9.1 - Area of 2D shapes.  Also, if you do not show work, I cannot give you credit.  Meaning, if you have a number just floating there, I can't see where that came from.  Answers here.

    2.  Watch this video.  Of course, you an watch the whole thing.  I would like you to skip to the 13:20 mark where he talks about geometry vocabulary. 

    3. You will see assignments in PowerSchool that have not been assigned yet.  Do not worry!  You will get them this week.  It will be helpful to help budget your time.  

    4.  Spiral #25 is due Friday! 

    5.  Video on circumference and area.

    6.  While the video is uploading, check this out. This is your HW, which is due Thursday.  You must show all work AND submit into UC for full credit. 



  • Friday, April 24th

    a. Please submit your work for Spiral #24.

    b. Please continue to work on the worksheet from Wednesday.

    c. Spiral #25 will be out shortly. :-) You must show work for all parts.

    Thursday, April 23rd

    Hello all, please continue to work on the assignment/videos from yesterday.  If you're done with that (and Spiral #24 which is due tomorrow, of course), I want to dive into WHY the area of a circle is the way it is.  Where does this formula come from? The area of a rectangle and triangle are sort of obvious, but this pi thing? What's up with that?  Believe it or not, the formula for the area of a circle comes from the area of a rectangle! 

    Where does the area of a circle come from?

    Wednesday, April 22

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the 4th Quarter! If you haven't done so already, please submit the scale drawings HW from Monday. There's a folder in UC in the 4th quarter, so make sure you change that tab. Here's today's lineup:

    a. Spiral #24 is due Friday.  Please check that out!

    b.  We are moving into GEOMETRY! Please watch the videos in order. 

        1. Video #1 - What is area?

        2.  Video #2 - Circles

        3. Video #3 - Area of a Circle

    c. Once you're feelin' good about area, check out this worksheet.  I will collect it on Monday!  

    d. Thank you for those that came out for the Zoom class yesterday.  I will hold some short classes Monday to discuss this new unit.  

    Tuesday, April 21st

    I apologize for the video not working well yesterday.  Not sure what the issue was, but I appreciate your patience. I am going to attempt to zoom today.  I will also post a video with the answers in case you miss the zoom. 


    Period 2/3 (11:00 - 11:15)            Period 7/8 (11:40 - 11:55). 

    Period 3/4 (11:20 - 11:35)           Period 8/9 (12:00 - 12:15)



  • Friday, April 17th

    Hello all, 

    Below are the answers to the scale drawing worksheet.  You do not have to turn it in.  

    8.1 - Scale Drawings Answers

    -Spiral #23 is due today.  This is your first grade in the 4th quarter.  Please submit through Unified Classroom. 

    -The end of the 3rd quarter is today.  Please submit anything that's missing.  

    -The objective for today: Finish the Socrative quiz (see above) that's due Monday. Spiral #24 will be released shortly. 

    Basic Percents for Spiral #23

    Thursday, April 16th

    Today, we will be working on Scale Drawings, similar to how an architect my draw the design for a house.  We will be using proportions (aka butterfly method) to go from the drawing/blueprint to the real life size of the building.  

    I would like you all to see one example and try your best without any further help from me.  Let's build that problem solving stamina!  If you're totally lost, then just wait.  I will be posting a video later explaining what to do.  

    8.1 - Scale Drawings Notes (Blank)

    8.1 - Scale Drawings (#1 Completed For You)

     Wednesday, April 15th

    (Sorry this should have been posted sooner)

    Please continue finishing your Spiral #23, the Socrative test (see above), and/or any work you owe. 


  • Friday, April 3rd

    Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well on this wet and rainy day.  Please continue to work on that project or alternative assignment. 

    For people trying to submit the project, I realize that some of the files may be too large.  I'm working on a way to get that fixed.  Just sit tight for now.

    If you've done the alternative assignment, please submit that in the correct folder through Unified Classroom.

    A LOT of you have done the work, but have not submitted it in UC. Please do so as soon as you can.  

    Thursday, April 2nd

    Hello all! With tomorrow being the due date for the project, I'm assuming we are still getting acclimated to this style of learning, so let's extend the due date to Tuesday, April 7th.  I hope that gives you enough time.  Let me know if you need help in any way!

    1.  To continue with percents, I've attached a thinking question to get your brains activated.  Your job is to identify which "Deal of the Day" is the smartest choice.  I'll post the answers tomorrow! 

    2.  Also, we've learned that a 10% increase followed by a 10% decrease does not bring us back where we started (see videos above).  Well, how would we find the original price after a discoun? Think about this situation: You walk into a store with a really nice coupon for 75% off.  After applying the discount, you only have to pay $3.00. What did the item cost originally? Obviously, it costs more than $3 because that's after a discount was applied, so the original price must be more, but how much more? We certainly aren't going to guess!  Try it on your own and click the link below for the answer.

    Finding the Original Price


  • Wednesday, April 1st (April Fool's Day!)

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is going well!

    1.  I know the video from Monday wasn't working for some of you.  I think I fixed it.  

    2.  Please complete any missing assignments.  I think I've updated PowerSchool.  Even if you e-mailed me, please put your assignment in Unified Classroom.  It makes it much easier to keep track of.  Let me know if you need help.

    3. Projects (and alternative assignments) are due Friday, but could extend this due date. Stay tuned. 

    4.  A great number of students need to submit some work.  Please do so ASAP. If you're not sure if that's you, look at PowerSchool.  Or, think to yourself-- "Have I kept up with my responsibilities as a student?"

    5.  I will continue to post more videos about percentages.  Although there is no assignment with them, you should look at the video and follow along with it. 

    6. Go outside! The weather looks stellar today.  Maintain 6 feet apart from others!


    Multiple Percents Video 

    Multiple Percents Worksheet

  • Tuesday, March 31st

    Hello all,

    Please continue working on your project OR the alternative assignment.  If you're doing the alternative assignment, please submit it into Unified Classroom when you're ready.  

    Also, if you haven't done so already, please submit all assignments into the correct folder through Unified Classroom.  

  • Monday, March 30th

    Hello all! Today, you are to watch the videos linked below about interest.  There is no follow up assignment, but it might help if you choose this option for your project!  

    1.  MC-Squared Teaches Interest (new)

    2.  Khan Academy - Simple Interest. For these videos, please watch all three! It shouold look like this.

    Projects are due Friday.  Please work on these!

  • Friday, March 27th

    Guess what?! It's Friday! I have some news you might enjoy... there will be NO Spiral this week!  Try not to be sad.

    For the next few days, we will be working on a project that will encapsulate (<-- awesome word usage) all of the topics we have discussed this year. 

    In the batter's box (ugh, no Opening Day): CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING!

    1. Teacher for a Day Project 2020 ----- This will be due (tentatively) next Friday, April 3rd.  If you have any questions or need help starting, please let me know.  


    2. If this project does not appeal to you, there is an alternative assignment as well.  Alternative Assignment

  • Thursday, March 26th

    Good morning! Here's a little checklist to help you out!

    1. If you haven't done so already, please work on the Nearpod using your class code above. 
    2. Please work on Spiral #22.  Many of you still, um, haven't started yet...
    3. Turn in the work I asked for into Unified Classroom (see above).
    4. Go outside! Exercise extreme caution and maintaining social distancing :-)

    Also, my apologies... there's a question in there on the 4th slide that I said, "you must show work", but that's not so easy to do.  The answer is here if you're interested.  

    Stay tuned for...

    • A movie/poster project outline 
    • Date and time for the next Kahoot! 


  • Wednesday, March 25th

    Hello everyone! Today, we are going to have a Nearpod to see how you're doing with percentages.  I have to put the final touches on it, but you will be doing them by class. Please (pretty please) make sure you use the code for the class you're in.  Stay tuned...   

    Oh btw (saw that on the internet once), Spirals due Friday!


    Period 2/3

    Period 3/4

    Period 7/8

    Period 8/9

    These are due FRIDAY (as well as the Spiral)

  • Tuesday, March 24th

    Here is our to-do list: 

    1. Draw your best dinosaur.  For full credit, please submit your work through Unified Classroom under "Dinosaur Drawing".  Be sure to include your signature!
    2. Work on Spiral #22.
    3. If you were able to complete task #1, submit your work in their appropriate folders through UC.

    I will be on Zoom from 1:00 - 1:30.  The code will appear here ------->ZOOM!. (at 12:50)

    • We will be discussing 'option 2' from yesterday's work.  

    Answers for Option 1 from last night's HW.



  • Monday, March 23rd

    Hello everyone! For today, you have two options and you can choose one.

    Option 1

    • Choose this option if you feel you need more practice.
    • Please work on this worksheet. You have until the end of the day tomorrow to finish it.  It's the same stuff-- scoop and multiply, then add or subtract that answer to the original (most of the time). Spiral #22 is due Friday!
    • I will post answers tomorrow.


    Option 2

    • Choose this option if you're in the mood for a challenge.  This is a shortcut method for what we've been doing, and has some application when you get to Algebra. 
    • Follow along with me on this worksheet.  I only did the first few questions, but try to use this new method!
    • The video that goes along with the worksheet.


  • Friday, March 21st

    Hello everyone!  If you haven't done so already, please e-mail me the spiral paper.  Also, I extended the deadline for Spiral #21 and the Delta Math assignment I gave Thursday.  Both will be due on Monday.  I know some people were experiencing some log-in issues, so this should be enough time to sort them out.  

    Ok... I don't know how this is going to work and maybe it'll be disastrous, but we won't know unless we try.  The link to the zoom meeting will appear here shortly before 10:30 am.  

    Zoom link will appear here--> FUN FRIDAY!

    To get the Kahoot code, it'll appear when you sign into the Zoom meeting.  It's not the best, but if you set your screen up like this, I think it works best.  Or if you had another device (like a phone or computer, but NOT NECESSARY) that would work too.

    Spiral #22 is out and available to you!  It's due Friday, March 27th.  You must show work for all parts. (added 4:02 pm, 3/20/20)

  • Thursday, March 19th

    Hello everyone!  If you haven't e-mailed me your HW, please do so here! Some observation that many of us should work on:

    • Make sure you scoop two places to the left
    • You can use a calculator to multiply
    • Round correctly (nearest hundredth for $$$)

    The answers to the HW can be found here

    Best answer to the Tom Brady question (who will remain anonymous)--> "Who's Tom Brady?!" Love it!

    Assignment for today: 

    Please log-in to Delta Math and complete the questions.  I will ask that work is shown for each one.  Use sprial paper to show work! 12 questions = 12 boxes of work.  Use a calculator! 

  • Wednesday, March 18th

    Hello everyone, 

    I hope everyone is doing well.  Today's lesson will have a few parts, so please read the directions careully.

    Part I

    a.  Please open the file below and import it into Notability.  

    5.2 - Percent Applications - DL Day 1

    b.  Open this video to help you if you need it.  I did the first question for you and it has exactly what is expected of you on each question.  Complete all 6 questions and e-mail me the completed work when you're finished.  This is due by tomorrow at 7:30 am.  

    MC-Squared's E-mail

    Part II

    a.  I want you all to look at these questions and think about them.  This is an extension of what we have been doing involving percents. 

    b.  When you're ready to see the answers, click here.



  • Tuesday, March 17th

    Your assignment for today is to work on Spiral #21.  This is still due Friday. If you do not have spiral paper, please download a blank one above and use 'split screen' to show your work.  I will expect that on Friday.  

    Also, look at PowerSchool for any missing assignments and make those up.