Grading Procedure

  • Grading Procedure for Spanish Class with Señora Martín


    Each student will be evaluated on a regular, if not daily, basis in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  I will use a wide range of evaluating techniques to insure all students have the greatest opportunity for success. 


    The following approximate rubric will be used:


                                     Tests and Projects           25%

                                     Quizzes                             25%

    Conversations                 20%

    Homework/Classwork    15%

    Class Participation         15%


    1.  Tests and Projects:  Approximately 1 per month at the end of each chapter or unit of study.  (Usually out of 100 points)


    2.  Quizzes:  Every 1-2 weeks to check for comprehension of individual topics such as grammar and vocabulary.  (20-40 points)


    3.  Conversations:  Approximately 2 per month to assess communication and speaking skills.  (25-35 points)


    4.  Homework/Classwork:  4-5 assignments per week worth 5 points each.  **Late assignments will receive half credit, or assignments may be made up with teacher for full credit.**


    5.  Class Participation:  Daily monitoring of speaking and listening skills in Spanish.  This is some of the most important practice you will get.  See attached explanation!