NY State TechEd - Units of Study

  • Technology is   

    ü  The Human Made World

    ü  The use of tools, materials and methods to meet peoples

          needs and wants.


    NY State TechEd Units of Study


    1. History and Evolution of Technology


                Technology has been the driving force in the evolution of society

                from an agricultural to an industrial to an information base.


    2. Tools, Resources and Technological Processes


                There are 7 types of resources used in technology ~  People,

                Materials, Tools, Energy, Information, Capital, and Time.


                Resources are selected on the basis of safety, cost, availability,

                appropriateness, and environmental impact.


    3. Engineering Design


                Engineering Design is the process of finding the best solution to a

                technological problem within given criteria and limitations.


    4. Technological Systems


                Technological systems are designed to produce specific outputs

                such as products and energy.


    5. Computer Technology


                Parts of a computer  ~  Using the internet

                Drawing and Dimensioning Designs   ~  Modeling

                Monitoring and Controlling a System


    6. Management of Technology


                Project management is essential to ensuring that technological

                endeavors are profitable, produce high quality products, produce

                safe products, and produce products on time and within budget.


    7. Impacts of Technology


                The impacts of technology on people and the environment can be

                positive and/or negative.


                People have the obligation and responsibility to control the growth

                and use of technology.