Pediculosis (Lice) Awareness and Prevention

  • Head Lice Prevention Information

    Here are some suggestions to help prevent the spread of lice in school. Please discuss these with your child frequently.

    • teach them to avoid sharing things that have been on or near another child's head, including hairbrushes, combs, hats, scarves, towels, helmets, etc.
    • make sure your child hangs up his/her coat and hat on an individual hook, or some other separate area when he gets to school, instead of just throwing them in a pile with other classmates' clothing
    • regularly clean things that your child's head has direct contact with, such as car seats, pillows, etc., if you are sharing these items with other children wearing long hair up decrease the chance of hair to hair contact.

    However, since young children come into close head-to-head contact with each other frequently, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is probably impossible to totally prevent head lice infestations.' That makes it important to check your children regularly for nits and live head lice so that you can discover a head lice infestation as early as possible and begin treatment before it spreads to the rest of your family and your child's friends and classmates.

    We here at the elementary school will continue to check heads until this pest leaves our school. Working together we can get these pests out of our school community. Any questions I can be reached at 591-4810.