Academic Enrichment Subcommittee

  • Committee Chairperson:  Cathleen Musick

    Committee Members:
    Bertha Richard
    Natasha Jeffries
    Darlene Claud
    Elaine Fox
    Robin Pauli
    Heather McCallion
    Anastasia Gavalas
    Jayne Clare
    Tim Frazier
    Nancy Giglio
    Sara Holden
    Jessica Zukosky
    Tish Doherty
    Suzanne Flanagan
    Steve Kaufman
    Christina Strassfield
    Lynn Egan
    Therese Allam

    The committee will meet at the Elementary School Media Center  at 3:30 on the following dates:

    Wed., Nov. 19
    Wed., Dec. 17
    Wed., Jan. 21
    Wed., Feb. 25
    Wed., Mar. 18
    Wed., Apr. 22
    Wed., May 20
    Wed., Jun 17

    Please contact the committee chairperson with any comments, feedback or input for the committee to consider on this topic.