Social Emotional Learning (SEL)


    We are currently evaluating our social emotional learning curriculum. Currently, we use the Second Step SEL curriculumn In August of 2018, the New York State department of education released new mandates for SEL in all NYS schools. This area of learning is essential to creating schools that effectively prepare all young people to succeed in school and life. SEL "is the process through which children, youth, and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to

    • understand and manage emotions
    • set and achieve positive goals
    • feel and show empathy for others
    • establish and maintain positive relationships
    • make responsible decisions

    SOURCE: Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, 2015, para. 1

    Why is Social Emotional Learning Important?

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    The Second Step Social Emotional Curriculum for Kindergarten:

    Unit 1 Skills for Learning

    • learning to Listen
    • Focusing Attention
    • Following Directions
    • Self-Talk for Staying of Task
    • Being Assertive

    Unit 2 Empathy

    • Feelings
    • More Feelings
    • Identifying Anger
    • Same or Different
    • Accidents
    • Caring and Helping

    Unit 3 Emotion Management

    • We Feel Feelings in Our Bodies
    • Managing Frustration 
    • Calming Down Strong Feelings
    • Handling Waiting
    • Managing Anger
    • Managing Disappointment
    • Handling Being Knocked Down

    Unit 4 Problem Solving

    • Solving Problems
    • Inviting to Play
    • Fair Ways to Play
    • Having Fun with Our Friends
    • Handling Having Things Taken Away
    • Handling Name-Calling
    • Reviewing Second Step Skills