Family Traditions

  • Introduction: All families have special traditions and customs.  Many Native American families wear special clothing and dance at powwows as part of their culture.  

    Koda and his family live on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation. He dances as part of his culture. He dances at pow-wows and special events.  He is wearing his colorful regalia and beaded moccasins.  Koda is a Hoop Dancer and Fancy Dancer.  He is helping to carry on a Native American tradition. 

    This is Mackezie and her family. They live on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation.  Mackenzie loves dancing at pow-wows and wearing her regalia. 
    Her shoes are called moccasins.  Her regalia and moccasins were made especially for her. 
    She wears colorful beaded jewelry and a headband. These items are part of her culture. She says the powwow is her favorite time of the year. 

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