Keyboarding-Typing-Word Processing Resources - Practice your data input skills for the future!

  • Place your fingers on the "Home Keys" (also called the "Home Row")!
  Find these keyboarding games so you can practice...

    Cup Stacking
     Must Pop Words
    Keyboard Invasion
    Typing Rocket 60 (or Typing Rocket Jr. for Pre-K & Kindergarten)
    Keyboard Challenge
    Typing Race
    Alpha Munchies Typing Game
    Pre-K & Kindergarten:
    Keyboard Zoo (Pre-K & Kindergarten)
    Keyboard Zoo 2 (Kindergarten & 1st Grade)
    Ghost Typing
    Friendly Letter Maker - Type a letter!
    Updated 1-31-20 by J. Best
    Notice which fingers touch which keys (always starting from the home keys/row)!