• Yes, there are zombies in the library - books about zombies. 

    1. Can you name one book about zombies?


    2. The best series about the zombie apocalypse is..........


    Let's watch the trailer for a new Netflix zombie show.


     But there are so many other books about zombies.

    3. Search Destiny Quest to find one. 

    4. Read a book about zombies on EPIC. 

    5. Color a zombie bookmark. 

    6. Draw a zombie. 

    7. Check out a book about zombies OR something else.
     zombie in the libray

    No running in the library. Remember zombies do not run! 


    9. Explore the Book Fair flyer and see what books will be at our book fair. There will be zombie books. 

    10. Be kind, be safe, do your best.