• Presidential Election, November 3, 2020

    Now that you have taken a close look at the two major political parties in United States, it is time to focus on specific candidates. Right now the front runner for the Republican nomination is Donald Trump, and for the Democrats it is Joe Biden. Please pick one of the candidates and research their position on issues important to you and our country: Environment, Health Care, Education, Jobs etc.

    Explain in paragraph form which candidate you would support and why. A total of four issues should be covered, explaining how your candidate would address each as President of the United States.
    Spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation and mechanics will be counted as part of your overall grade.

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    7th Grade Social Studies Rogge

    Democratic and Republican National Committees

    Comparison of Democratic and Republican National Committees


    Click on the links for the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee on the SIS Library Webpage under 7th Grade Rogge Presidential Election.

    You will be assigned several issues to read about. Fill out the graphic organizer to compare and contrast the parties’ views on the issues. For example, the Democrats views on Health Care vs the Republicans’ views and any similarities the parties have.

    After you complete your graphic organizer, write 1 paragraph explaining which party appeals to you more and which party you think you would support. 

    (download pdf here)