College Application Processing Forms

  • Student College Planning Questionnaire:  All seniors are required to complete this senior questionnaire.  The information provided in this document assists the counselors in writing the letters of recommendation.

    Parent/Guardian Questionnaire: This form allows parents/guardians to provide insight about their child that will assist the counselor in writing a letter of recommendation.

    Request for Teacher Letter of Recommendation: Students should print out and complete this form before asking a teacher(s) to write a college letter of recommendation.

    Activity Sheet: Students should fill out this worksheet with all extra curricular activities they have participated in throughout their high school career.

    Activity Sheet Example: This is an example of the format that students may follow when preparing their own extra curricular activities.

    Transcript Release Form: This form gives the counseling department permission to send a student's transcript to a post secondary school or agency.

    College Application Checklist (Blue Form): Students must complete a college application checklist and submit it along with their application to the counseling office 10 school days before the post mark deadline for the application.