College Grant Resource Guide

  • College Grant Resource Guide

    Grants and scholarships, financial aid awards for outstanding and underprivileged students, usually have one party disburse a specific amount of money to a particular cause.

    Grant makers are often government entities, corporations, foundation or trusts, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, private businesses, or well-established individuals. Grant recipients participate in a long and arduous application process that may or may not lead to a successful submission. The majority of grant recipients may have financial assistance granted to them, because of poverty conditions or uncontrolled natural phenomena.

    On the other hand, scholarships award students to further education based on criteria reflecting the values and sight of the donor. Generally, scholarship applicants have excelled in their academic studies, which prompted the donor to select the prospective student for tuition assistance. However, some foundation and trusts will offer scholarships to underprivileged students based on ethnic and racial backgrounds, income status, and parenthood status. The following links will direct prospective students to discover unlimited opportunities to further one’s education with the helping hand of any willing participant.