• Naviance

    Naviance is the college database program that students, parents, counselors, and staff will be utilizing to search college options, complete career inventories, process college applications, and much, much more.  Family Connection, is the portal that allows students and parents to remotely access Naviance from any computer with internet capabilities.  Students have been taught how to access the different features of Naviance beginning in 8th grade. 

    Students can access Naviance by entering the same username and password as they use to access the parent portal.

    The college application process is a journey that involves the student, family, counselor, and teachers.  Naviance is a program that will be central to this process.  If you have any questions concerning the Naviance program, Family Connection, or anything related to the college application process, please do not hesitate to contact the counseling office at 591-4610.

    A Quick Guide for Students and Parents to Sign into Naviance’s Family Connection.

    What is Family Connection?

    • An On-line Resource for Students and Parents for Post High School Planning & Advising.
    • A web-based resource for students and parents that encourages and supports post high school career and college planning.
    • Family Connection is specific to your school.
    • Family Connection is linked with Naviance Succeed, a service that is used in the counseling office

    What Can Students And Parents Do Using Family Connection?

    • View messages from the Counseling Office
    • Create a résumé
    • View college visits to SHS and sign up
    • Complete a college search
    • Develop a prospective college list Provide access to scholarship search engines; over a hundred national scholarships are available
    • Complete surveys
    • Game Plan Survey
    • Compare colleges
    • Links to selected third party resources
    • Track deadlines

    How Do Students and Parents Register for a Family Connection Account?

    • Students receive a registration code (Note: It is our hope that parents and students will
    • Registration codes are used to create accounts Codes are random and alphanumeric for security reasons
    • Codes can be used only once On your first visit, enter the code in the New User box, then follow on-screen instructions to create a user name and password
    • On subsequent visits, sign in using the Returning User box

    See the Visual Guides on the Following Pages

    Enter The URL That Was Given To You By Your School And Complete The Required Information.

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    Image of a website page for Signing into Naviance  New user Registration Page image

    Complete the Registration Form image

    Complete the Registration Form

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