Academic Advisory

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    As discussed over the past few months, I am in the process of forming an academic advisory council to make recommendations to the BOE regarding modifications in any existing program or the addition of new procedures in the areas where there are none in place.  Please see list of topics below.  

    The steering committee will consist of 9 members (two admin, two teachers, three parents, one BOE, me).  We will meet 2x monthly and present our recommendations at BOE meetings.  Members will be elected from all those who volunteer to serve on at least one committee at the first general meeting.  Each sub-committee will have a chairperson who will develop a calendar of meeting dates.  

    The Kick-off general meeting for all who are interested is WED – September 24, 2008 from 7:00 to 9:00 in the High School Auditorium.  Elections for the steering committee will take place.  Membership for each sub-committee will also be determined.

    Please email me (if you have not already done so) with the sub-committees you are considering.




    • SIS – Scheduling, Use of Time
    • Academic Eligibility for Athletics/Extra Curricular Events
    • Student Code of Conduct
    • District Attendance Policy
    • SHS Student Ranking
    • Alternative/Vocational Program Options
    • School Transitions (SES to SIS, SIS to SHS)
    • Academic Enrichment Program (Pre-K to 12)
    • Student Retention/Promotion Practices (SES, SIS, SHS)

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