Transportation Advisory

  • Members of the Transportation Advisory Committee:

    Committee Member Email Address Day Phone Evening Phone
    Boyes, Dr. Richard 631-591-4510 631-259-3876
    Gilbakian, Doug 631-523-7657 631-998-3253
    Gresham, James 631-591-4640 631-730-6220
    King, Donald 631-835-2340 631-283-7323
    Neely, Thomas 702-1950 ext. 1949
    Shukri, Don 631-591-4542 631-773-1195
    Smith, Maria 631-591-4527 631-283-6781

    • The advisory committee has had 3 meetings to examine several facets of transportation, including route efficiency, bus usage,  field and athletic trips and fleet replacement.
    • Currently, the committee is looking to formulate a long tern plan for the bus garage and fleet replacement, exploring the option of  natural gas buses.
    • Meetings of the transportation advisory committee will resume in September.