Related Files (for Classes of 2022, 2023 & 2024 - Current Grades 9-11)

  • Scheduling Process:

    • Step 1 - Review your quarter 2 report card comments that include projections on the course level for the following year. Any questions regarding projected course levels should be discussed with the classroom teacher.
    • Step 2 - Counselors will meet with students in February to facilitate course selections using the PowerSchool student portal.
    • Step 3 - Counselors will meet with students to review their course selections in late March/early April.
    • Step 4 - Course selections will be viewable in PowerSchool for student and parent review. 
    • Step 5 - Parents and students will have the opportunity to meet with counselors, via Zoom, to discuss and adjust selected courses for finalization.

Related Files (for Class of 2026 - Incoming Freshmen/Current Grade 8)