Important Information for Prospective Members

  • NHS– Southampton Chapter

    Purpose of Organization: The National Honor Society is chartered as a national organization, with a local Southampton High School. In order for our participation to be valid, we must adhere to the nationally recognized standards for admittance and ongoing membership in the Society. The four pillars of membership are scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students may apply for membership during their junior and/or senior year.

    Criteria for Consideration of Membership:

    - Full and accurate typed application

    - Application materials must be submitted by the given date

    - Maintain a 92 or above GPA (unweighted) for five semesters

    - History of exceptional behavior, without record of out-of-school suspensions, ISS for more than one consecutive day, or ISS for more than two (2) occurrences

    - Record of significant involvement in a range of scholastic activities, including leadership and service

    - Support from responding teachers and administrations

    Disqualification of Membership:

    - Failure to meet ANY of the qualifications required of membership

    - Any failing grades (currently or historically) at SHS

    - Negative responses from MORE than two (2) teachers of administrators

    - Any record of plagiarism

    - An insufficient record of involvement

    Requirements of Members:

    - 20 hours of community service

    - Fundraising events for charities and scholarships

    - Must remain in good standing as an active member

    Revocation of Membership

    Should there be a violation of the oath and/or academic shortcoming, the actual and appropriate consequences are to be determined by the SHS Honor Society Committee. Issues may result in probation, suspension, or expulsion, with the general understanding that failing grades, plagiarism, and serious disciplinary violations will result in suspension or expulsion from the Honor Society.