Health Services for Southampton Intermediate School

  • Health Services for Southampton Intermediate School

    .Picture of Debra Becker, R.N. Welcome to Debra Becker’s Nurse Office. This year we are happy to have Maura Pelham, R.N. as our Permanent Health Office Assistant and Float Nurse on board
    If your child is sick, please call 591-4712 to notify the health office for attendance purposes. Please bring a note on return to school.

    All 7th and 8th grade students planning on playing a school sport must have a valid updated yearly physical on file. Additional forms and Pre-participation forms for each season can be obtained from my office or printed on-line from the Athletic Office.

    NYS requires all 7th grade students have an updated yearly physical on file. Dental exams are also required and proof submitted from your dentist will be part of your child’s health records.

    NYS mandates for 7th graders require proof of a meningoccal vaccine and must submit proof along with a copy of an updated physical.

    NYS mandates that all 6th grade students are compliant with a Tdap booster and a second dose of the varicella vaccine. Please provide an updated copy and proof of these immunizations for our student records.

    New Parents:

    NYS requires all new students and transfer students to have an updated physical on file within 30 days of enrollment. Please be sure this is on file in the Nurse’s office as well as a copy of all current immunizations.

    Vison and Hearing Screenings are done throughout the year for all 5th and 7th grade students and new students. Parents will be notified of any impaired results for follow up care if needed.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at 591-4712. Thank you and look forward to starting a great year ahead.

    Debra Becker, R.N.

    Sports/Gym Injuries:

    In the unfortunate event that your child suffers an injury during a sport or while in gym, please review the following protocol. All students must report the injury to their teacher or coach as soon as it occurs. If this warrants further medical evaluation from the emergency room or private M.D., please be sure to provide a note to the health office. This will state the specific injury and limit or restrict further activity to allow for healing time. A follow up clearance note will be necessary to return to gym or other sport activities. A child will not be able to participate without written documentation of clearance. Thank you for your cooperation and attention to assure the health and safety of your child.

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