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  • Welcome to Mr. McCarthy's Math Website.  At this site, you will find daily homework assignments, test dates and any other pertinent information relative to my seventh grade math program.  Students and parents are encouraged to check Powerschool on a daily basis to review missed assignments, become familiar with assignments that are owed, and maintain an awareness of current averages.

    All assignments are located in ebackpack under their specified folder. For example, homework is located under the "Homework" folder and it is organized by date. The link is below.

    Test or assessments are always announced in advance.  Tests are directly related to the week's homework assignments and/or classwork.  Extra-help is available everyday during period 10 in advance of a test. If a student misses a test, it is highly encouraged that the student completes the test in a timely manner, in order to retain information necessary to be successful on the test. 

    I highly recommend joining our class with the Remind app.  Follow the instructions to receive any messages I send to the students which usually include homework and quiz/test reminders. 

    Disclaimer: If you sign up using text messages, there could be a charge on your bill if you do not have unlimited messaging.

    If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail at or by phone at 631-591-4780 to leave a voicemail.



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