ELA and MATH Grades 6,7 and 8

  •  Welcome Back Students!

    Happy beginning-of-the-school year 2015-16!  I am very excited to start the year off on a good start.  I know most of you already so the good news is, I know you and how you learn and you already know my expectations and requirements. We will be reading some fabulous stories and novels while focusing on our reading levels and comprehension in our READ 180 program.  In Math we will be working towards mastering skills and the 5th/6th grade level GO MATH curriculum. 

    Some supplies that you will need for the following subjects are as follows:


    • Pens and Pencils
    • Marble notebook
    • 2- Two pocket folders
    • Post-its
    • Package of Index Cards (lined on one side and blank on the other)
    • Pencils and more Pencils!
    • 2- 2 pocket folders
    • HEADPHONES with a microphone (Both ELA and Math)
    • STYLUS pen (Both ELA and MATH)

    Can't wait to start working our brains! 

    Please email me with any questions. smcguire@southamptonschools.org 

    Ms. McGuire

Summer is Setting and Now School Is Here!