• Updated March 30, 2020

    Hello SIS 7th Grade TechEd Students! I hope you and your families are doing as well as possible.

    All of my Remote Learning assignments will be on this web site.

    After completing an assignment, you have the option to email it to me. I'd love to see your work and reply with a comment or two. It's fine if you don't email me your assignments, but you should still be completing the work.

    Your goal should be to work hard and do your best! I encourage you to do all of your 7th grade remote learning assignments. By doing so you will continue to grow as a student. It will also give you that great feeling of accomplishment.

    On average, assignments should take 30 minutes or less per school day (Mon-Fri)

    All lessons can be completed using paper and pencil (for the most part). You can also use your laptop.

    At this point, I plan to grade you on the assumption you will be completing the assignments the best you can. Therefore, all students will be receiving a 100 for all "Effort Grades" while we are in a remote learning situation.  Please don't use this as a way to skip some assignments or not give it your best. There may be circumstances beyond your control where some of the work does not get completed. That's definitely OK!

    I will send out an occasional "7th Grade" email reminding you to check my school website for new assignments.

    Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at JNolan@southamptonschools.org  (that's .org, not .net)

    Stay Well!  Mr. Nolan