On this website, you will find important information about upcoming events, Kindergarten news, homework activities, books we are reading and interactive websites. Please explore the pages to the left to learn about what's happening in Kindergarten and how you can be our "Parents as Partners"!

    A little about Kindergarten...

    Kindergarten at SES is a nurturing environment where your children are encouraged to grow socially, emotionally and academically. Songs, games, play and sensory experiences are a regular part of the Kindergarten day. Every day, our Kindergarten family learns in a positive and supportive environment!

    The demands on kindergartners have increased in recent years - please remember that you can help your child be successful by showing him/her that literacy and math are part of our every day lives. Letters, words, and numbers are all around us! Encourage your child seek them out in books and magazines, on signs and license plates, and other places. Ask your child to talk about the ways we practice letter sounds, letter names, words and numbers during the school day.