Physical Education at SES

Physical Education at SES

We are very fortunate to have EVERYDAY PHYSICAL EDUCATION at Southampton Elementary School. The classes alternate between a highly active physical education class in the gymnasium or outside, and a classroom-based lesson. The classroom based lessons have 3 separate focuses, fitness & teamwork, health and social-emotional Learning (SEL) which includes mindfulness practices.


Research proves that consistent physical activity increases learning, enhances self-esteem, and improves health.
It teaches students to personally value and invest in their own physical activity and all aspects of their health.

Moreover, the trend toward alarming rates of obesity in America is of great concern. If this trend continues it will drastically reduce the quality and length our childrens' lives and reap havoc on our economy due to increased medical costs and a decrease in national productivity due to illness. This is not the future that we want for the next generation. Preventative action must be take now in reverse this trend.


10 Reasons

  1. Physical education is the cornerstone of learning the knowledge and skills of a healthy lifestyle.
  2. 19.1% of US children age 6-19 are overweight, a number which has tripled since 1980. 23% of New York States kids are classified as being obese. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of many serious diseases and chronic health conditions, including heart disease, cancer & diabetes.
  3. Research has shown that physical activity elevates cortosol levels which controls stress. Stress can block highways of the brain and prevent learning.
  4. Even with all the advances in medical technology, some scientist predict that the current generation of children will be the first in history to have a shorter average lifespan than the one before them, because of the epidemic of unhealthy lifestyles including inactivity.
    "If the current rate of obesity increase holds, NYS will have about 900,00 obese children by 2017. Since 80% of obese children become obese adults, the long term personal and societal costs are enormous. Currently, New York's Medicaid expenditures alone related to obesity are estimated at $3.5 billion in 2000" said Peter Slocum of the American Cancer Society.
  5. Research has shown that physical activity balances serotonin levels. Too much serotonin can lead to depression and not enough can lead to an inability to focus & concentrate.
  6. Research has shown that physical activity increases blood flow to the brain, which can increase alertness and ability to learn.
  7. Physical activity increases the body's production of endorphins, which are nicknamed the “happy hormones” because they make you feel good.
  8. Among children, a positive relationship exists between physical activity and self-esteem.
  9. Physical education provides valuable opportunities for students to learn and practice needed social skills.
  10. Physical education is fun!!



We promote the acquisition of healthy lifestyles, good character, rewarding social relationships and positive emotional health. We are committed to the quest for maximum participation and the integration of all curriculum areas into physical education.

We strive to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment where students of all levels demonstrate motor, cognitive and affective learning.


  • l have health knowledge
  • l demonstrate good character
  • l choose healthful behaviors
  • l choose to be in healthful situations
  • l have healthful relationships
  • l make responsible decisions
  • l practice self discipline & control
  • l develop a positive attitude toward physical activity

Physical Education Behavior Plan

We are pleased to have you, or your child, in Physical Education with us this year. We are enjoying a very exciting and rewarding school year where “SUCCESS” in all aspects of the educational process is our continuing goal. In order to provide your child with the educational climate he/she deserves, the physical education department has developed the following discipline plan that will be in effect at all times.

Class Expectations

  1. Always come prepared to learn. Wear clothes & shoes appropriate for physical activity.
  2. Encourage & Respect everyone, as well as their personal belongings & space.
  3. Use only appropriate language & topics of discussion.
  4. Practice “ACTIVE LISTENING”, and raise your hand when you need assistance.
  5. Stop, look, listen & put all equipment down when the instructor signals for silence.
  6. Participate fully in all class activities, giving 100% effort always!
  7. Play FAIR!! Play by ALL the rules of the game at ALL times & be a good sport!
  8. Use all equipment properly and handle with care.
  9. ONLY use equipment that you are instructed to use when you are instructed to use it.
  10. Adhere to all School and District conduct rules.
  11. If you would like to e-mail us, we would love your input at:

Mrs. Serrell -
Mr. Tayor -
Mr. Neff -

Lisa W. Serrell        Ricky Taylor    Robert Neff

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