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Disinfecting buses


Disinfecting busesDisinfecting buses

To continue to ensure the health and safety of students and staff, the Southampton Union Free School District is piloting two bus disinfecting systems that mechanically sanitize buses between routes.

The systems, approved by the state Department of Transportation, are currently installed on two of the district’s 47 buses. The systems cleanse the buses with a mist disinfectant that the district currently uses in its buildings. The mist is engaged by a driver between and after routes and can only be used when a bus is empty and the engine is off.    

“The systems are extremely useful in maintaining the health and safety of our students and drivers,” said Samantha Saw, the district’s transportation director. “They are also time savers.”

Currently, bus drivers spend hours each day hand-sanitizing each bus. Once employed, the mist system can sanitize a bus in less than one minute.  

It is the district’s goal to have all 47 buses in its fleet retrofitted with one of the new systems by the end of the school year.

“This is just one way that the district is continuously seeking out new methods to keep our students and staff safe now and into the future,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Dyno.

Photo courtesy of the Southampton Union Free School District

Disinfecting buses