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Virtual learning at Southampton


Virtual learning at SouthamptonTeacher working with students on virtual online learning

Learning in the Southampton School has changed significantly since COVID-19, with students participating in the district’s hybrid, in-person and all-remote educational plans. While students may be learning through different platforms, they are receiving the same quality education.

To ensure that the 105 students in grades Pre-k-4 and 39 in grades 5 and 6 opting for the district’s all-remote option are provided with an education that is on par with its hybrid and in-person models, Southampton Elementary School and Southampton Intermediate School forged a comprehensive virtual plan.

“We are fortunate to have dedicated teachers who provide daily direct instruction to our remote students,” said Jeremy Garritano who is coordinating the remote learning teams and supporting building level administrators. “Already, it has proven successful and we are receiving a lot of great feedback from families and students.”

Each school day, remote students log on for a morning meeting, check in and receive a learning template that outlines their entire day. The schedule, which runs from 8:55 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., includes lunch breaks, an Encore block, brain breaks, subject area times and small-group virtual lessons. It also provides for screen breaks, during which students can choose from independent reading activities and science-themed scavenger hunts.

“Their technological devices are just a tool,” said Garritano. “They are not tethered to them.”

The remote plan incorporates a wide variety of educational applications as well, including Google Classroom, Zoom, Razz Kids, Go Math and more, to keep students fully engaged.

Garritano explained that the plan is specifically set up to ensure remote students can keep pace with in-person students. The model allows for fluid transitions from live to remote and vice versa for students and families.

Teacher working with students on virtual online learning All remote learning teachers have undergone extensive professional development related to remote learning technologies and are continually improving their proficiency in this area. They each provide remote instruction from dedicated workspaces at the school which each has taken time to create a warm and welcoming place for students to attend, virtually.

“We are building up the technological skills of all staff to help bolster the remote program,” said Garritano.  

The remote program, he said, is possible thanks to dedicated teachers, the support of Dr. Dyno, the Board of Education, administration district wide and a newly formed learning partnership with the families throughout the community taken part in the remote initiative. It is truly a team effort to provide these students with an authentic and impactful educational experience remotely.

All remote students have been furnished with devices, which they use for remote instruction, homework and more. 

Photo courtesy of the Southampton Union Free School District