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Italian community class


The Italian Club

Italian community class

The Italian Club at Southampton High School will host its next Italian for All class on Wednesday, March 8, from 6:30-8 p.m. at Southampton High School.
During the class, club members, under the advisement of Maria Abbadessa, will provide Italian language instruction through model dialogues, karaoke and talks about various aspects of Italian culture. 

Future classes will be held on April 20 and May 18.
Each class will feature a unique theme and dish that correlates to what the club members are learning in school. The wide range of classical Italian fare is being donated by local businesses.
While the classes are free, donations are appreciated. Currently, there are 25 spots available per class.

Reservations can be made by 631-591-4600 X4588

The idea for the series came after several community members and teachers reached out to Abbadessa with an interest in learning Italian.