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Southampton High School varsity football player

Nehemiah Mack


For the first time in 5 years, a Southampton High School varsity football player has committed to play in college. In the fall, Nehemiah Mack will join the Bengals at Buffalo State.

                “We wish him the best of luck,” said Mariners coach Franklin Trent. “He has all the chops to play in college. He has a great work ethic and plays with purpose.” 

                Mack began his football career in the fifth grade, playing in Little League until seventh grade. He was able to play again last year at the varsity level, when Southampton, after a hiatus, resumed its football program. With just one year of varsity-level football under his belt, Mack secured All-League, All-Division and Scholar Athlete awards. He was also named to the Suffolk All-Star team.  

                Coach Trent said he sought out Mack to reinvigorate the school’s football team, noting, “He exemplifies all of the values of the program, including commitment, family and pride.” Two of Trent’s uncles played for the Mariners and earned All-County honors.

                Aside from football, Mack also plays on his school’s varsity basketball team and runs the 100-meter and 200-meter for the spring track team. When not participating in sports, he volunteers with the Special Olympics.

                Mack said he is looking forward to attending Buffalo State. “I feel it is the right place for me,” he said. “There is a brotherhood and a lot of connections to Long Island.”           

                The Southampton UFSD congratulates Nehemiah Mack on his accomplishment.