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Student-musicians celebrated for accomplishments


Student-musicians celebrated for accomplishments

Student Musicians Celebrated for Accomplishments

The Southampton School District Music Department is proud to announce that 86 student musicians in grades 5-12 participated in state, regional, and local music festivals during the 2023-2024 school year.

Festivals include the New York State School Music Association All-State Festival in Rochester, the New York State Council of Administrators of Music Education All-County Music Festival, the Suffolk County Music Educators Association All-County Festival, the Long Island String Festival Association festivals, the Hampton Music Educators Association Music Festival and the NYSSMA Solo Evaluation Festival.

The students displayed strong commitment to their music education by practicing diligently to prepare for these unique and exciting music experiences. The Southampton School District extends its congratulations to the following student-musicians:
Southampton Intermediate School musicians:

Anabelle Abrams
Yuliana Amado Portillo
Ella Angel
Ana Carmona Valladales
Zoe Coady
Cole Collins
Harper Collum
Luz Concla
James Crosby
Heather Cuamtitla
Andrew D’Angelo
Madelyn Dominguez Udave
Kyren Duff
Katherine Dupree
Willow Dupree
Isabella Glorioso
Lia Gonzalez
Avery Greene
Keith Greene
Evan Halsey
Leah Hayden
Koda Hunter
Michael Lavinio
Joseph Lesta
Connor Liebnitzky
Nash Lysogorski
Faith Mack
Cameryn Mambrino
Genesis Mendez Mendizabal
Logan Mitchell
Jack Odom
Isabella O’Leary
Taylor Olsen
Zoe Pawlowski
Elie Poremba
Kellis Quinn
Noelany Rea
Jared Rojas Ramos
Hailey Rosales Romero
Anahi Rosas
Tristyn Sammy
Steveen Santander Torres
Ryan Sisco
Jaxson Sutton
Twyla Tracy
Beatriz Valencia
Benjamin Weissberg
Robert Wilutis
Kaitlyn Yupa Lema
Southampton High School Musicians:

Elijah Abella
Valentina Alvarez
Charlotte Arnzen
Lucas Bencardino
Anna Beyer-Clausen
Ronan Brady
Brooke Bockhaus
Joseph Carrello III
Casey Cartagena
Sadie Chaleff
Julie Chiliquinga Nava
Lilly Conklin
Samuel Conklin
Burke Dunne
Hewitt Dunne
Bella Duque
Oliver Edson
Beatriz Fino Morfogen
Isabel Fino Morfogen
Stephanie Garcia
Jackson Garcia Rivera
Mariely Isalde Gonzalez
Evelyn Gutierrez
Ava Lima
Joseph Lucas
Julian Misut
Riley Mitchell
Jessica Ochoa Moranchel
Hannah Pak
Andres Raynor
Erion Ruhani
Shwetambarie Sital
Zoey Sulph
Emma Vail
Julia Vail
Madalyn Wik
Chloe Voluck-Sviedrys